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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a European country with a European mentality, and its rapid progress in terms of new industrial facilities and production is possible. Looking at the global level and before the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina had a competitive and developed industry, while the Herzegovina region had especially high end and advanced technology in areas such as aviation, thermodynamics and metallurgy.

Today, at a time when development is mainly based on establishment and growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), different measures are needed to support and encourage their creation and survival.

Certainly one of the most effective measures to stimulate local economic development is to help entrepreneurs and investors enter into business ventures in Herzegovina. A special category of potential investors are members of the BiH diaspora, which has about 1.4 million members, of which there is a large number of entrepreneurs, professionals of various profiles and scientists. That represents a huge potential that could be capitalized which requires special attention and measures.

It is precisely an entrepreneurial-oriented diaspora where opportunities lie for investments and the creation of new jobs. Their experience, knowledge and market position can greatly shorten the time to export competitive products and services from this region.

INTERA TP wishes to contribute to the opening of channels of communication between aforementioned target groups from abroad and domestic companies and institutions, in order to indicate the concrete possibilities and opportunities for positive step towards re-industrialization of Herzegovina.


  • Presentation of the local production capacities

    Herzegovina has significant production capacities, quality products and investment potential, and it is necessary to make members of the Diaspora as our true economic ambassadors and thus break the stereotype that there are no quality products from our country.

  • Presentation of the Diaspora potential

    Diaspora has greatly helped in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina through various ways, unfortunately mostly in the form of humanitarian aid. It is high time for a new model of cooperation with mutual benefits.

  • Creating preconditions for increasing of business activities

    Through cooperation with the Diaspora we want to open the door for foreign companies to find local partners i.e. increase the level of business cooperation through effective matchmaking.

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Promote and present:

  • Successful entrepreneurs in the Diaspora, as well as returnees in Herzegovina
  • Individuals who put in their own efforts to gather members of the Diaspora through some form of organized activity
  • Significant existing production capacity and industrial infrastructure that can be attractive for investments
  • Institutions of local authorities and their investment offer (business zones, incentives, etc.)


To organize a conference to bring together entrepreneurs from the Diaspora, local entrepreneurs, representatives of national and international institutions and organizations.

The purpose of this conference would be to connect local businesses with entrepreneurs in the Diaspora who have the ambition to do something in the business sense in the Herzegovina region.

It would also be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and information, encourage discussion and point out the problems and draw conclusions in which direction and with what concrete measures to encourage and facilitate economic cooperation with BiH Diaspora.

The time and place of the conference:
26/07/2013. in INTERA Technology Park in Mostar


Conference CONNECTO 2013 is just the first step in a broader context and activities:

  • Organizing periodic thematic roundtables
  • Creating of WEB Community and Diaspora database
  • Enrichment of "Business showroom" with all products from Herzegovina (more on www.intera.ba)
  • Conference CONNECTO 2014

Economic Showroom

The faster and easier establishment of business relations between companies in the region with companies from abroad and other businesses in the region is the main mission of Economic Showroom. It is designed as a permanent setting of all products from Herzegovina, the place of periodic events to corporate networking and promoting new products, and more generally as a central information point on all manufacturing business entities in the region.

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  • To present and to promote domestic products through permanent exhibition

  • To present and promote innovative products,

  • To create a network enterprises of the region,

  • To raise the marketing performance of SMEs in the region,

  • To create and maintain a database of manufacturers of the region,

  • To promote entrepreneurship through economic forums and similar events,

  • To become central information point for all entrepreneurs and companies in the region.

The exhibition space in the Showroom will be equipped and arranged in modern way, it will fulfil all requests of quality and effective exhibiting and presentation of products. Its position in the hearth of INTERA Technology Park building surrounded with conference halls and INTERA’s Training centre will provide attention of businesses, media and wider audience.

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